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We all want Kinston to prosper. Leadership is a key component in creating a stable environment in which businesses and families choose to locate and make their home. Our residents deserve to see their property values increase in value, not decrease. They need to feel safe in their homes and our children deserve an educational environment that challenges their critical thinking. I have a vested interest in seeing these things improve. I also have the skill set and resolve to move expeditiously. Kinston has a strong foundation. Let's build on it! Please feel free to share your thoughts and experience with me. I am asking for your vote November 5, 2013. Thank you!

-John C. Nix
Candidate for Kinston City Council, 201



  "The price of freedom is eternal vigilance."
                             Thomas Jefferson


Key Position Points...

  • Reduce Non-Essential Spending                                                                                                                                       
               Tacking on debt for future generations is not responsible. Our city council must have the discipline and foresight to say
to untimely or
irresponsible spending that puts our
taxpayers in financial jeopardy and stifles economic growth

  • Safe Environment

                Public safety is of the highest priority. The crime rate in Kinston is double the state average. This is unacceptable.
               We are dependent on police and fire protection and
. It takes a strong tax base to fund Public Safety.

  • Infrastructure
                Restore or maintain current infrastructure ~ street paving, sidewalks, sanitary sewer improvements, storm  
             sewer. Infrastructure and public safety should be our top priority. These are things that keep residents intact
             and attract new business and families to town.

  • Tourism

  We are already taking advantage of our rich cultural heritage for tourism opportunities. Tourism brings much needed
to the Kinston. It is important that our leadership embrace and help create and environment in which this
            vital industry can grow

  • Citizen Advisory Boards & Commissions

  Citizens advisory boards and commissions should play a more important role in aiding Council with decision-
            making; one they can rely on.
Citizens need to feel their input is important. There are always vacancies on these
. Instead, there should be a waiting list to serve on a board or commission. Rubber stamping an agenda
            item is an appeasement that serves neither the Council nor the public


  • Privatization of Services
             Some services the City provides can be provided by the private sector through contract services. Cost savings can
           be from 5% to 20% typically.
Privatization creates a healthy competitive market and puts some jobs back in the
sector thus eliminating administrative and payroll costs. City owned buildings and equipment may be  
           leased to contract providers.


Why I want to serve Kinston...

It will take principled and disciplined individuals for a new Council to successfully move forward.

The decisions we make today effect generations to come. Having been owner in a small business for over 12 years I understand income dependent spending. We have leveraged ourselves through bonds and borrowing and tax and rate increases. Raising taxes and fees is not the answer to our economic woes. From 2000 to 2010 the population in Kinston diminished an astounding 8.49% (

The purpose of government is to provide for the people only what the private sector cannot. We can see property value go up and taxes and fees go down with the proper leadership. This November you have a choice.

             John Nix Endorsement Letter from Republican Liberty Caucus of NC

Please enjoy this video by John Nix for City Council!